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What Facebook Advertising can do for you

Facebook ads is entirely different to any other form of marketing you may have experienced and our Facebook Ads agency services are in alignment with the most advanced in the industry. Unlike most digital marketing strategies, the algorithm will actually find your prospects for you when tuned correctly. You see, when most people promote online they spend time deciding what angle to go for and how to design their creative, then give their best guess as to whom to target. With Facebook Ads, the algorithm knows more than you do about your customer. Genuinely. Facebook has over 2 billion accounts of mass data per user and is the closest thing to the mythological ‘all seeing eye’ that has ever existed. So doesn’t it make sense that we should leverage Facebook’s intelligence to our advantage? Better yet, imagine being able to program Facebook to actually find out which creatives, copy, angles and audiences provide the best ROI for your particular business?

With Facebook Ads you can gain rapid brand awareness in the exact regions your brand serves or globally. You can reach thousands of people within 24 hours and ensure every penny of ad spend goes to targeting your most likely prospects efficiently and affordably. When Facebook is programmed correctly with perfect setup and monitoring, we can quickly gain massive amounts of audience exposure and reach your exact prospects overnight.

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 Access thousands of people in 24 hours Automate your prospecting Scale using artificial intelligence ROI / Metrics down to the penny and day

Why Facebook Ads?

Unlike Radio, TV and high street advertising, you can guarantee that you’re showing your ads specifically to those who are most likely to buy. Not a penny is wasted on reaching tyre kickers and people on the fence, we find your prospects within days. Additionally, this provides a higher ad spend efficiency and results in a much lower cost per result than you’d see with any other form of media.

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Facebook works with you

Most marketers and even Facebook Ad agency professionals spend a lot of time going over their ad creative and pondering about their specific marketing decisions. What most of these digital marketers don’t realise is that you must actually load up the Facebook algorithm with a large amount of variables and it will actually take all your media and find your best ad / copy / audience combinations for you if you set your campaign up correctly and give it sufficient data and media to work with. This always leads to the most optimal results because you can therefore conduct a max split test. Your 4 day results will directly report to you your most efficient ads, best creatives, best headlines and audience targeting – and ROI down to the penny.

Facebook is quite literally the most advanced marketing researcher you could ever possibly find and our job as a Facebook Ads agency is to know how to program and leverage the system to your advantage rather than applying sheer guesswork like most agencies do. Facebook Ads success is not determined before the campaign goes live or after you’ve applied a best guess to what you should use in your ads, success happens based on short term testing and iterations in order to find what truly resonates with your market the best with controlled ad spend and then maximising your most effective variations.

Here at Developing Brands agency, we understand the algorithm better than most. Our highly advanced copywriting, design and technical understanding allows optimal strategy that works better than 95% of Facebook marketing experts out there. We work with you to leverage the Facebook platform to your advantage and have artificial intelligence drive your marketing to the next level.

Facebook Ads Services

Local Business

For local businesses, it’s never been easier to promote your best offers to local people within a few miles of your premises. With our exclusive local business marketing funnel strategy, we put your business in the limelight in your territory to skyrocket your brand awareness and streamline your local customer acquisition for massive returns in customer lifetime value.


Promoting your product on social media is a no-brainer. With the recent e-commerce boom in 2020 accelerating the industry to 2025 forecasts, it is the best time to join the rising tide and start promoting your brand using Facebook Ads. Reach your target market in 24 hours with our facebook ads for e-commerce campaigns.

Lead Generation

If you’re offering high ticket service with a proven customer hypothesis and an established offering, you are in perfect shape to start leveraging Facebook and create an appointment generating machine to work for your business. Our social media marketing strategy can help you reach the top of your game and surpass the online marketing of almost all your competitors. Forget networking, word of mouth and other non-linear systems in lead generation, it’s time to evolve into a 2020 business operator.


Is your business best suited to initial quick chats with prospects? No problem! Start receiving inbound messenger conversations with people who are ready to hear more about what you have to offer. Perhaps you’re a local training service, a venue ready for bookings, or simply looking for a chatty way to get your brand out there, messenger ads can do just that.


Anybody who has visited your website or landing page is most likely an ideal prospect. Start reaching out to them with retargeting. Usually retargeting has been a no-brainer as your secondary Facebook marketing strategy, but it’s been shown to prove great results by leveraging your existing website traffic and becoming omnipresent online through retargeting advertising.


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