Helping Sozo Aviation build a compelling brand identity to engage with global business leaders

The key to this brand identity was holding a premium look while also having an excitable theme for passengers and prospects seeking a service of value. The directional (to and from) element to the arm and leg of the ‘Z’ is emphasised lightly to bring subtle reference to the back and forth element of flying globally. The black and white theme of the brand was established to suit the business / luxurious themed brand values.

Engaging with the business elite

Ultra-high net worth individuals only desire the very best standard. For a market accustomed to the likes of Rolex, Rolles-Royce and Sunseeker, a similar tone of voice must be worked into the Sozo brand. We put together a brand identity that resonates a premium and modern feel, not looking out of place to those who only desire premium brands and the highest quality of service. Sozo manages jets of the highest standard worth tens of millions of pounds, so the key was to find an adaptable brand identity that sits well anywhere in a premium setting of high value assets.

SOZO Marketing Material Designed By Developing Brands
SOZO Marketing Project From Developing Brands Leeds

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