Developing Brands marketing agency in Leeds helps brands to find their place in the market and thrive. Today, the world of marketing is crowded, loud, diverse, even unexpected at times. Creating a compelling brand is the single route to clarity and appeal for your business in a way which puts you in the forefront of your market’s attention

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People are less loyal to businesses than they have been for decades, with such an influx of options and viable candidates vying for their attention 24/7. This is why proper brands are the single entities which lead the way for the rest and dominate their space with the majority of customer interest to their favour. Developing Brands is passionate about giving businesses one of the most complete array of creative marketing agency services Leeds has to offer under one roof.

Market attention, traction and business is received by the select few brands who are operating the right way. In the field they are passionate about providing value to and getting ahead of the competition with the right approach. Your overall message should be seriously considered from the outset. Your brand’s look, values and message matter greatly if you want to be successful. With quality brand and marketing strategy, we help create business relationships to your customers which resonate your message. Promoting your message elegantly and achieving maximum response from all efforts is achievable if you partner with the right team or have a thoroughly research and correctly executed strategy.

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Brand success can be provoked greatly with the right experts partnering with you. With expert design consideration and a twenty first century focus on finding the right business angle, we help entrepreneurs to create and scale brands which lead in their space.

In the big picture, a brand is not just a logo and a tagline. A brand is an immersive experience which adds value to the lives of your customers and compliments their interests, passions, lifestyle and desires. A good brand is one that sustains long term engagement with satisfied customers and leaves people with a strong, positive gut feeling around the brand in question. At first, good branding creates a psychological bias that draws your market to you with assurance. Most businesses appear generic, we don’t follow most businesses. We create brands which are trustworthy, meaningful and future proof with a creative flare. While most agencies leave you with a nice website, we go a step further with market-relevant copywriting, trust-building features and highly considered conversion rate optimisation and direct response marketing practice towards all formats. Whether we’re working on your graphic design, advertising, digital platforms, social media, print design or anything else – no project is without the most modern principles applied.

'The reality is that not many companies are consistently – and at scale – running an agile model in marketing.' - Marketing Week

Marketing Is An Asset

Strategies and platforms are constantly evolving but the fundamentals stay the same. Ever-evolving business landscape creates unique challenges in itself and we take pride in being an external resource to help businesses maximise their impact year-round. Your business is a living entity which has a momentum of it’s own and needs creative horsepower in order to thrive. Sales and revenue goals are not enough these days. Working with you, we define your brand, values and vision to determine how you will warm your audience into buying from you and building long term relationships.

The way you are perceived, experienced and promoted brings predictable returns over the coming years in your market. We convey your message effectively whether online or offline with a brand to market focus. No more ‘me too’ businesses, no more generic headlines, promotion, copy and logo designs, we build solid brands with solid marketing. Ultimately, resulting in solid customer relationships for the coming years.

Your brand is your business and your business is your brand

The successful old and new types of marketing

Creative / Original

In the promotion world there tends to be two goals. The first goal, look professional and attract attention while sustaining good relationships with your market and customers. Design is an integral part of our marketing agency in Leeds and we have vast experience on all types of advertising and graphic design. Creativity is seen as a primary goal in most forms of advertising these days. The second goal, maximise leads and sales. Yet most brands, businesses and even agencies focus on just one or the other. You see, a beautiful sunset themed image with a nice headline and logo stamp is not the same as a 500 word product page in a magazine with an offer-specific image and call to action at the bottom. In the first example, you achieve the goal of looking professional and attractive, but have less of a sales driven impact in your promotion.

Direct Response

In the second example, you have a long and persuasive article which really engages people’s desire while influencing them towards buying from you, but have less of an artistic effect at face value. This style of marketing originates from back when ink on paper was the main form of marketing and adjacent competitors were competing literally right next to you. This pivotal moment in marketing emerged in the boom in direct marketing. This old school marketing is the best example of truly motivating and influencing people through the written word. As of late, artistic approaches tend to be most used with the rise of media. But this doesn’t mean it’s a better approach. At Developing Brands, we tie these two forms of advertising together. So, our agency applies maximum design and advertising professionalism to your brand. We also apply copywriting and direct response principles. This hybrid form of marketing really takes the best of both worlds and drives a new approach to modern marketing service. Many agencies and businesses seldom have as strong a design team in-house as they do online marketing or copywriting, and vice versa. But we aim to fulfil your entire brand to customer spectrum with a complete service like no other.

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Why Merge Different Types of Marketing?

With a brand awareness approach to your efforts, you can’t know what kind of a return your advertising has had because it’s not usually promoting anything particularly specific. With the injection of direct response practice, you do know the results you’re getting. Because you’re heavily enforcing a particular product or service with an emphasis on the sales copy and call to action. This way, creativity and sales driven advertising can exist in one rare combined form. You know that longer text works better than less. You know that product based advertising works better than general advertising. One of the worst mistakes small to medium sized businesses and even stablished creative agencies make, is copying the big brands. Because all the big brands out there have decades and billions of pounds worth of brand awareness behind them. If you’re an SME, you don’t have this kind of momentum or titanic brand awareness yet. So copying the leading brands in world, who leverage their global appeal, is ironically one of the worst and least profitable things you could do. Instead, you must focus on maximising the ROI of anything and everything you showcase about your brand. To truly maximise your success you must ensure you are being perceived and conveyed brilliantly by having design excellence powering your brand, while also having direct-response fundamentals in place.

Where to Market?

While having the right approach is important, you must also consider which platforms offer the most potential for you. Whether you’ve considered b2b marketing, social media agency help or even sport marketing agency partners in Leeds or beyond, the answer to where and how you should promote is to be investigated within your audience activity. From there you find your answer. You see, most gurus or consultants talk a lot about creating traffic.

The truth is, traffic of your ideal customers already exists and our goal is merely to place you in front of it. Many of your competitors are already trying this, but from everything you’ve learned above, you can probably spot both the good and the bad. A social media agency in Leeds may tell you that social media is the answer, while another company may say focus on email. But you can only analyse the traffic already going on in in your market order to know where your best opportunities are.

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