Can Google Ads compete with an agency who spends more money?

Yes, the advanced strategies that Google ads agency owners like to keep secret go far beyond cost per click allocation.

‘Google Ads compete on budget’ – Fortunately this isn’t true. It’s not just about budget. Google is not the world’s biggest search engine just because it collects anyone’s money. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Google is the world’s leading search engine because of the service is provides. That service is helping people find what they’re looking for in the best quality possible and from the most credible sources. When scanning ads which are bidding on keywords, Google has a key factor which it uses in order to shuffle and lay out the ads in a particular order. This algorithm is called Ad Rank.

Google calculates your ad rank by multiplying your max cost per click bid by your quality score for that ad auction. So if you’re beating your competitors on ad QUALITY, but your budget is less than there’s, you can still surpass them even if they bid more than twice what you bid per click. 

Quality matters the most with search engines. Google doesn’t make money just by accepting any and all payments – it makes money by giving people what they’re searching for in the best quality as far as relevance to what they search and credibility of the source, making money is secondary because if no X then there is no Y. 

Quality is determined by many factors. These factors include:

• Landing page design
• Landing page content
• Headlines
• Meta description
• Website quality
• Mobile-optimisation
• Page load speed
• Security of website
• Imagery on website

and much more…

Max cost per click x Quality score = Ad Rank

How to improve Google ad quality

Landing Pages

If your promoting dog collars for puppies, make sure your landing page (the destination of your ad) is about dog collars for puppies. Most people make the mistake of driving ads to their website’s homepage, theres some fundamental errors with this in most cases. You see, relevance matters. Staying with the above example for a second, say you have somebody searching for ‘dog collars for puppies’, and they click an ad which leads them to a generic pet supplies website… Compare this to another ad which leads somebody to a page specifically dedicated to dog collars for puppies… Exactly what they searched for. Google is absolutely going to rank the second ad higher in the ad results.

Even worse mistakes than this example would be emergency repair services. If you’re desperately in need of an emergency boiler repair and you click on an ad that takes you to a overcrowded generic plumbing website’s homepage with dozens of other services – this isn’t scratching your itch, is it? But if you land on a page specifically outlining solutions to broken boilers with supportive information and graphics with a call to action on who to call for a 60 minute notice call out, this is exactly what you’re looking for. You know it, and so does Google.

This covers the key basics of improving ad quality.

But other significant factors to your Google ads success involves things such as:

• Bounce rate
• Click through rate (CTR)
• Helpful ad extensions (making it even easier for your ad to stand out and be used)
• A/B testing
• On going optimisation

For more information on how to execute a winning Google ad campaign, get in touch today to discuss your advertising requirements.