The most essential thing before using Facebook Advertising services...

Facebook Advertising services are an effective way to scale your business online. Facebook ads help you reach more of your ideal market and showcase your brand and promote key benefits effectively. However, Facebook Ads are different to other forms of marketing. Facebook Ads are about scaling, not launching. Google Ads are an ideal place to launch, because you can target specific search terms which show exactly what people are looking for. But when you promote on Facebook, you don’t quite know exactly what they want, because you’re targeting people who are not actively looking for a specific thing. The best you can do is convince about why they should be interested and from there they can enter your sales pipeline. But given that Facebook is interruption based marketing, you must have a product or service that is addressing a real desire and proof of concept is imperative. If you have several customers buying and enjoying your product, or a few happy clients paying you for your service, then you have proof of concept. But if you’re a new business, an innovative start up, an inventor, you name it, do not start your marketing efforts on Facebook. Here’s more information on why this is so important…

Facebook Advertising is FRACTAL

Successful Facebook Ads can better be described as Fractal Evolution. Because they are in fact fractal – this means ‘as is small, so is large.’ Zoomed in, i.e 2 or 3 happy clients, means that when zoomed out (scaled) it is likely to have the exact same overall pattern / consistency (more happy clients). It’s important to ensure your offering is already being well received, otherwise you have no idea what you are scaling with your hard earned money.

Facebook Ads Services Essentials | Developing Brands

Everything in nature is fractal, grass, trees, DNA and it’s the same with optimal products or services promoted on Facebook. If you’re getting a good response at a small scale, you’re probably going to have a good response at a larger scale. If your unique idea / startup hasn’t had proof of concept, you are risking a lot by investing money in Facebook Ads. A product that hasn’t already had ‘proof of concept’ might burn through hundreds of pounds on ad spend while returning absolutely nothing. But if you have a business with a couple of happy clients, then it’s most likely that when you scale with Facebook you will naturally have fractal evolution, a similar pattern of market response – just at a larger scale.

A Proof of Concept (POC) is a small exercise to test the design idea or assumption. The main purpose of developing a POC is to demonstrate the functionality and to verify a certain concept or theory that can be achieved in development.

When to use Facebook Advertising

As the above suggests, proof of concept is the primary thing to focus on before you attempt to scale your business. Facebook / disruption based advertising is when you have a proven and persuasive thing to offer. Like a conical flask in a laboratory that is fizzing up and spilling all over the place, rather than something that’s just making a few bubbles. Whether you’ve written a book that has helped a dozen pool players improve their strike, or if you’ve helped four businesses save 30% of their ad spend while returning 20% more profit in their Google ads, if you’ve helped twenty graduates gain their first job, this is when you know you’re ready to scale.

When your product to market offer is refined and concretely optimised, it yields the most optimal results in your brand promotion. But if you’re not there yet… the best thing you could consider starting with is Google Ads.

Google Ads will show you exactly what people are actually searching for and actively seeking. This will show you sufficient data that will rationalise your ad spend and allow for more data-based insights when promoting your brand. When you’ve gained traction in your business with paying customers, possibly after a few iterations to make things perfect… this is when you are ready to scale with Facebook Ads. If you’re not sure where or how to start with your online brand promotion, consider using our free marketing review where we outline everything you can do to increase your website’s conversion rate, showcase your brand more effectively and reach more customers online.

When your brand is showing a beautiful pattern of service / product delivery and customer satisfaction (or better), go ahead and let your brand flourish using Facebook Ads. With time, your scaled business will then be able to show a fractal evolution.