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Why you need a design agency

When you’re looking at design agencies in Leeds or beyond who you might want to work with, you must consider what you’re really looking for. Ultimately, graphic design and advertising is about more than just making yourself look nice. Branding is all about unveiling the core values of your brand and capturing your audience’s desire and trust. Our design agency helps you embrace who you really are, what makes you different and express this visually throughout your business in order to create relevance and engagement to your market. Together, we shape and create brands with ambitious business operators in order to thrive and develop brands with real traction in their space.

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Branding and design is invaluable

How much is the trust and engagement of your audience worth? Even existing and established brands still need to consider how well they are achieving clarity and effective brand communication. This is important with both new and existing customers. Whether you’re a FTSE 100 company or a determined startup, if you’re not keeping your audience engaged they will go somewhere else with higher perceived value. Branding and communication isn’t just to look professional and attractive, it is a vital part of creating and sustaining business growth. Brand strategy is a means of evolving in your space and further influencing people into buying into your message. Effective advertising aesthetics is a competitive advantage many companies overlook. But it goes beyond just aesthetic qualities, it enforces an emotional connection to your audience. Better design means a better experience of your product or service. As Jonathan Ive always said in his years of pioneering modern product design in his years at Apple, ‘form improves function.’

Presenting yourself and your business well helps you gain visibility and appeal in engaged sectors. You need to have competitive angles in order to keep ahead in your space. You need to have a good presence in order to create effective marketing. Our services throughout our graphic design agency in Leeds are centred around strong visual focus which conveys your message, product or service with clarity and trust. Clarity and trust are a real currency behind brand engagement. When your prospect’s trust, there is no limit to how valuable that will be long term.  

Experience by design

Make your brand a joy to experience, hear from and buy from. Improve the value you give to whom you serve. Defining the reputation and emotional connection you want people to have to your brand is where it all starts. Essentially, your audience comes first. This is because it is your audience who will ultimately be receiving, judging and reacting to all your marketing assets. Aesthetics are a psychological bias. Human beings tend to gravitate towards what they want to be a part of or what they want to experience. This is achievable by having good logo design, good poster design, beautiful advertising, and all the rest of your brand assets. Quality impressions help people to further understand the information you are conveying. For these reasons, good graphic design service always drives higher brand to customer engagements and advertising effect and ROI. 

Positive and even extraordinary business ideas can be enforced greatly with creativity. Positive presentation will always influence people better than poor presentation. For serious progression of business activity and resilience to inevitable challenges, a creative touch can be your invaluable asset.

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'Major design awards now seem to be recognising not just design’s ability to create something beautiful or to affect a business’s bottom line, but also its power to make people’s lives better' - Design Week

We've designed for some of the very best brands

Our graphic and brand design agency in Leeds is backed by years of foundational experience working with brands at every level across multiple industries. The outcomes we achieve are all built upon a core concept that is unique and true to your brand, message and audience. Whether for aesthetic qualities, social, ambitious or influential purposes. We believe companies should apply front end consideration to enrich their exposure to the world. This always results in radically better businesses in the long term. Many of our clients seek to achieve the same visual excellence that is prominently recognised in the leading players in their field.

Leading brands we’ve helped exist industries such as real estate, finance, franchising, fitness, bar, restaurant, hotels, nightlife, sports and outdoors, corporations, music, retail, food, drink, events and much more. So whatever business you work in, we have the outlook on your market and competitors to share your vision and help you create it for your business. A holistic approach to shaping your company visually is what makes us an ideal partner for your organisation. The sole purpose of mastering your brand-to-market fit allows us to help you overcome key business challenges and achieve ambitious goals in your company.

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If you want to succeed

High performing, recognised brands over the course of this century have always shown correlation between their business progression and the height to which they care about their company visually. Entrepreneurs who partner with our graphic design and branding agency here in Leeds share this vision for distinction from the very outset. For products or services with maximum momentum in mind, we address the areas to which we can help establish this brand appeal from day one.

See example below for notable brand progression of Microsoft’s brand over the years.

Microsoft Logo 1975

Microsoft Logo 1975

Microsoft Logo 1980

Microsoft Logo 1980

Microsoft Logo 1987

Microsoft Logo 1987

Microsoft Logo Today

Microsoft Logo Today

Brands we've worked with over the years

We can help any type of business

No job is out of our scope. From general graphic and web agency support to packaging, advertising, poster design and book cover design, we’ve done it all. Every project, every client and every business is taken extremely seriously. We’re passionate about serving you and your audience. Whether general marketing material, digital platforms or even album cover design, the thorough approach is similar. In fact, nothing excites us more than hearing about something different! What separates us from many other brand agencies in Leeds is that we take on just about any type of work. Whatever the market, product or service, if you’re a hard working honest business, we’re here for you.