What branding service specifically does for your business

Branding is the front end aspect to your business. Your branding controls how you’re perceived to everybody and most importantly to your market. Branding is about creating an overall impression that puts you, your business and your service in the best light possible to be perceived as relevant and compelling (possibly even irresistible) to your audience.

The more you appeal to everybody, the less you appeal to somebody.

If your ideal customer is an extreme sports fanatic, you need to carry a similar vibe in your brand design. If you’re a wedding photographer you must convey that type of ambience across your brand. The examples are endless and our branding service puts your business in the best shape possible to absolutely resonate and build real relationships with your market and customers.

Branding maximises profit

Many people say that their marketing ‘hasn’t worked’ or that their last Google Ad ‘wasted money’ but in many cases it isn’t the promotion itself that was the problem, it was their brand. To quote Apple’s Mike Markkula in the late 70’s…

‘People DO judge a book by it’s cover. We may have the best product, the highest quality, the most useful software etc; if we present them in a slipshod manner, they will be perceived as slipshod; if we present them in a creative, professional manner, we will impute the desired qualities.’

– Mike Markkula, Apple, January 3, 1977

Attraction is a psychological bias

Appearing relevant, professional, unique and interesting is the best thing you could be doing before you promote anything. If your brand isn’t directly orientated around the tribe it’s trying to appeal to, then it won’t.

You see, attraction is a tribal thing. Evolutionary psychology itself outlines how humans are attracted to a tribe they want to be part of or a tribe they want to visit. This is why high social value people such as rockstars or billionaires often attract the most social attention almost without any exception. Or certain things which carry familiar traits can provoke the same degree of intrigue. Which is something many small and upcoming brands do very well in industries like beauty and spirits.

The tribal element of this example is due to the fact that a tribe ultimately allows somebody to have a greater means of resources or survival. If you’re promoting a product or service then you are in fact offering them a resource of value which will allow them to have a better outcome in some form or another. So your brand should look relevant and be relevant in order to gain the spotlight to be recognised as a viable choice and convey your message, beginning a more direct relationship with your audience.

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Branding creates trust, familiarity and pleasure to your audience and customers

A project of ours in late 2019 was for Sozo Aviation. A private jet company which transports and manages aircrafts for high net worth individuals globally. This brand had to resonate with these people who expect nothing but the very best. In many ways this audience is the most difficult to appeal to, because they have the privilege of being able to be buy, book or rent whatever they please. So how did we approach this brand strategy to try and convince these people who have an abundance of choice?

It always starts with getting into the minds of these people.

What do these customers want?

What brands are they already buying from?

What are the most important traits we can convey in a brand presence for this audience?

By getting a real picture of exactly what success has to look and feel like for this project, we found a premium and exquisite approach to shaping a brand that looked like something not to be out of place next to the likes of Rolex, Sunseeker, Rolls-Royce and many more premium brands that hold great trust and authority in their space.

Brand direction is instinctual to experienced designers like us

As a result of working with some of the world’s biggest brands, highly funded national start-ups and existing SME brands looking to scale up, we really have an instinct for assessing a specific market and it’s leaders and finding the best approach to improving your brand presence in that space to a competitive level.


How you could benefit from our branding service

We love working with ambitious business leaders who want to build better relationships with their market, improve their business from the inside out and promote effectively and reach new heights in their brand experience and market reach. We do the following to make you the brand of choice in your sector.

  • Competitor analysis
  • Market audit
  • Customer hypothesis
  • Mood boards and stylesheets
  • Commercially viable concepts
  • Brand and design integration
  • Presentation and pitching
  • Refinements and finalisation
  • Brand strategy commencement

Let's shape your brand for success

Are you ready to make positive changes in your brand, your business and your market? We’d love to help you achieve this. Reach out to us today and we look forward to hearing more about your next big project!